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Facts Friday #1

Hot tip: Climate change will impact your dog, too... We've all heard of it - global 'warming', and for some, that might mean a couple more beach visit or days by the pool. But for dogs hotter weather can be the pits. DID YOU KNOW? Dogs have sweat glands, but their primary means of regulating their body temperature is through panting. While panting works pretty well in most cases, as global temperatures increase, the challenge of keeping cool via panting becomes harder.  As a result, as temperatures increase, so will the chances of your pup falling victim to heat exhaustion and related illnesses. For snub-nosed breeds, the risk is even higher. And if we take the focus away from our...

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Willow's Way Treat Program (for very loyal pups)

We love loyalty, and you're going to love it too.  Soph had been wracking her brain on ways to give back to the incredible friends of Willow's Way. While she was brainstorming, Willow started being annoying. Like, dropping a toy on her lap while she was typing, repetitively, kind of annoying.  Naturally, Soph gave in pretty quickly, and before she knew it she was in a make it or break it tug-o-war contest. Things were getting heated.  I'll spare you the details, but safe to say, Willow emerged victorious from the great tug-o-war of August '21. But Soph was still pretty happy, even if she had lost the game. She plonked herself down on the couch, ready to continue brainstorming ways to give back....

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