Just how 'eco' is our Eco Essentials range? Our honest review

Our Eco Essentials range, including eco-friendly dog poop bags and silicone treat pouches, is launching on Earth Day. We're all about being honest, so we're sharing everything you need to know about how sustainable this range is, as well as the parts of it that could be better.

Eco-friendly Dog Poop Bags 

Made with silky smooth, high quality cornstarch, our poop bags are the leading eco-friendly alternative to plastic you can buy.

Our poop bags have 'OK COMPOST HOME' certification, which means they will break down in your own compost in under a year, but please make sure you do your own research on how to compost dog waste...

The general idea is that anything nasty in your pups poop will break down in the heat of the compost, but to be safe, don't use dog poop compost for anything you're planning on eating. AKA, your veggies and herbs could do without it, but your flowers will love it.

 Don't have a home compost heap? The good news is that these bags will still break down over time, wherever you put them.




The bags are also certified with the Seedling Logo for compostable bioplastics, a qualification meaning it meets specific Aussie standards for being biodegradable and compostable.

As with all compostable products available right now, these bags still contain ingredients derived from petrochemicals (AKA, some ingredients come from oil, a disastrous contaminant for our environment), which is certainly less than ideal - but this is the best available option, and fortunately, while a percentage of the materials in these bags are oil-based, they will still break down over time.

Silicone Treat Pouches

Silicone is an incredible alternative to plastic, with no need to worry about toxins or harmful substances leaching into your (or your pup's) food.

 Our silicone treat pouches are LFGB food grade certified - this testing ensures that food that comes into contact with the silicone is not contaminated with any fillers, toxins or harmful substances.  

This form of testing is even more rigorous than FDA testing, meaning our treat pouches will be safer for your pup (and last longer!). Plus, you can use the pouches for your own treats too!

The pouches will last years, and are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe - you can store your treats in the fridge or freezer and the air-tight seal and will keep treats and food fresh for longer than plastic.

 Plus, you'll save yourself tediously cleaning the insides of your dog training bag or pockets - just slip the pouch into your bumbag or pocket without fear of getting it dirty with greasy or stinky treats, then pop the pouch in the dishwasher when you're done.

The silicone in these pouches comes from silica, a component found in sand - a great alternative to fossil-fuelled, plastic bags. While sand still isn't a renewable energy source, it certainly is more abundant and less dangerous to use than oil.

 While silicone is not biodegradable, it can be reused for years and years, and once you're finished with the pouches, reach out to your local waste management provider to see where it can be recycled.

 And the good news is that *if* this pouch were to find its way to landfill, it won't break down in the same way plastic will, reducing the risk of contributing to micro-plastic pollution in our oceans.

Our Eco Essentials Range is launching on Earth Day, April 22. Make sure you're signed up for our emails to get early access!