Ned and Pepper's DIY Patch Pack
Ned and Pepper's DIY Patch Pack

Ned and Pepper's DIY Patch Pack

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Places to be? Here’s the need-to-know:

⋒ Handpicked packs for any walk of life – multiple packs to choose from

⋒ Easy application to your bandanas or other accessories

⋒ Upcycle old clothes, bandanas or accessories with DIY patches

⋒ Iron required, sewing kit recommended for long-lasting patches

Got time? Here’s the real scoop:

Choose your own adventure with these customised patch packs, made to pair with our tie-up bandanas!

These patch packs have been hand-selected by some of our favourite pups, and reflect their taste and lifestyle.

Simply select your patch pack, match it with your favourite bandanas and let your creative juices flow! All packs come with instructions for attaching the patches, all you need is an iron, a needle and some thread.

We love using these patches as a way to bring your dog accessories to life – while we love seeing these patches styled with our linen bandanas, don’t let the creativity stop there. Revitalise your dog’s accessories (or your own) by covering over dirty patches, holes or marks on old accessories with cute patches.

Each pack contains 5 patches, varying in size. We recommend spreading these patches across at least two bandanas for ultimate style!