Linen Dog Bandana -  Wattle
Linen Dog Bandana -  Wattle

Linen Dog Bandana - Wattle

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Places to be? Here’s the need-to-know:

⋒ Handmade in Australia

⋒ Luxury linen fabric

⋒ 8 earthy tones to choose from

⋒ Customise your linen bandana with our DIY Patch Packs

⋒ Tie-up design for more versatile styling

⋒ Available in 3 sizes for the itty bittiest to the chonkiest of pups

Got time? Here’s the real scoop:

Walking Willow’s Way means walking a little lighter, reducing your environmental pawprint and looking good while doing it. We don’t sacrifice the environment for aesthetics, so we’ve worked hard to create dog bandanas that are high quality, stylish and kind to our earth.

Our Linen dog Bandanas are handmade and designed in Australia, and tested by Willow herself.

Did you know linen uses just a fraction of the resources, such as water and pesticides, that other popular alternatives like cotton require? Plus, linen is a natural fibre, unlike many polyester materials used for dog accessories. Less resources, less processing and less plastic derivatives, yet these bandanas punch well above their weight in terms of luxury-feel, durability and sustainability.

Speaking of style, rock these block colour bandanas or up style them with our DIY patch packs- simply select a pack, attach the patches and you’ve got a personalised bandana.

Because these bandanas are made with all natural fibres, simply hand wash in warm soapy water, or pop in a washing machine on a gentle cycle to wash. Read more about how to care for our products in our FAQs.



Make sure to measure your pup's neck to select the correct size - the measurements below indicate the maximum neck measurement that will fit the bandana. We recommend sizing up for those extra floofy pooches. Check out our graphic in the FAQ’s for more details on measuring your dog’s neck.

Small: up to 35cm

Medium: up to 45cm 

Large: up to 65cm