Macramé Custom Fit Dog Collar - Sand
Macramé Custom Fit Dog Collar - Sand
Macramé Custom Fit Dog Collar - Sand

Macramé Custom Fit Dog Collar - Sand

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Places to be? Here’s the need-to-know:

⋒ Handmade in Australia

⋒ 100% recycled cotton macramé

⋒ Aluminium base buckles with brass coating

⋒ Personalised collar length to fit your dog perfectly – don’t forget to add your dog’s neck measurement at checkout!

⋒ Two buckle sizes available 

⋒ Available in a matching leash and collar set 


Got time? Here’s the real scoop:

Walking Willow’s Way means walking a little lighter, reducing your environmental pawprint and looking good while doing it. We don’t sacrifice the environment for aesthetics, so we’ve worked hard to create a dog collar that is high quality, stylish and kind to our earth.

Our macramé collars are handmade in Australia and tested by Willow herself.

We get it, your dog is one of a kind, that’s why our macramé Custom Fit Dog Collars are personalised and made to fit each dog perfectly. Make sure you enter your dog’s neck measurement in the Customisation details box at checkout. Check out our graphic for how to measure your dog's neck in our FAQs if you need help.

We use the highest quality 100% recycled cotton for our macramé products. Our cotton has achieved an OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning it’s free from any harmful chemicals or toxins: safer for you, your pup and our planet earth.

Our buckles have an aluminium base with a brass coating. For long-lasting shiny buckles, we recommend they don’t go swimming or spend long periods of time in wet, salty or muddy conditions.

However, dogs will be dogs, and when they decide to take a mud bath or dash into the surf, EVEN though you’re yelling at them to come back IMMEDIATELY, our buckles won’t mind. Just rinse the salt/dirt/mud off the buckle with tap water and dry thoroughly. And next time, pretend it wasn’t your dog who just completely ignored you. We’ve all been there.

Read more about how to care for our products in our FAQs



Our Macramé Custom Fit Dog Collars come in 2 different buckle sizes:

Size Small buckles are 20mm thick, and are best for petite pups who aren’t pullers. These are for the dogs who might be confused with a teddy bear, and have necks 30cm or smaller.

Our Large buckles are 25mm thick, so if you have a pup that resembles a ‘chonky boi’ (and trust me, we are all here for the chonks), we recommend the Large buckle. Same goes for medium-large breed pooches, as well as the pullers of the world.